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About Aloe Ferox
The leaf of the Aloe Ferox plant contains two different juices, yellow bitter sap and white aloe gel. The bitter sap lies underneath the green peel and is part of the peel. The sap drains spontaneously when the leaf is cut. When the bitter sap is concentrated, bitter crystals or bitter powder are obtained. Aloe bitters is largely used in purgatives. The inner fleshy portion of aloe leaves consists of a mucous material, called aloe gel, which is not bitter.


Harvesting and extraction of juices
Extraction of bitter sap:
Leaves are harvested in the veld. In an area where aloes are abundant, a basin-like hollow is made in the ground. The hollow is lined with a plastic sheet. Four to eight leaves from a mature plant are cut off close to the stem. Two to three hundred leaves are stacked in a circle, cut surfaces facing inwards and overlapping, so that the sap drains and collects in the hollow. After some hours the sap of several draining sites are collected.