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TimJan contains pure Aloe Ferox juice and a natural preservative in the form of fermented grape juice. TimJan has a total alcohol volume of 16.5%


TimJan is a rich tonic only requiring 15ml daily before retiring for the night. Caution: A normal laxative period may occur. This condition will normalise during the first 7 to 10 days. Should the condition persist, decrease the dosage and drink plenty of water

Safe use of Aloe Ferox
Aloe Ferox has no side effects; only rare cases of allergies have been reported. Aloe Ferox is non-toxic and has no undesirable side effects on the body. Aloe Ferox is not habit-forming. Keep an eye on your condition when using medication. It may be necessary to adjust your medication as your condition normalizes, especially in the case of high blood pressure and high/low blood sugar.

When to expect results?
As with herbs and any natural plant product, Aloe Ferox can take longer to have a beneficial effect on some chronic symptoms than a chemically based drug. Give TimJan enough time to work - at least 3 months!

Detoxifying symptoms
Symptoms of a chronic condition may temporarily worsen as part of the detoxifying process of the body. Other detoxifying symptoms that may occur are diarrhea, nausea, windiness, stomach cramps and headaches. Symptoms are of a passing nature. Give your body time to adjust. Diarrhea, as part of the detoxifying process, is only a problem if it lasts longer than a couple of days. Drink a lot of water and lower the dosage.